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  • How to increase your laundromat's revenue

    How to Increase Your Laundromat’s Revenue

    Every business needs to boost revenue, including laundromats. At first glance, it might seem like laundromats are a business model without many opportunities for change, but you may be surprised at the difference a few small updates can make to your bottom line. From new services to flexible payment methods,…
  • How to determine pricing for your laundromat

    How to Determine Pricing for Your Laundromat 

    The right pricing strategy for your laundromat can increase customer loyalty and boost your brand's reputation. A well-rounded, nuanced approach can set your business apart and help you drive revenue.  Perform a Market Analysis A market analysis can help you formulate the right pricing for your business. An analysis is…
  • 7 Tips for Modernizing Your Laundromat

    7 Tips for Modernizing Your Laundromat

    Traditionally, Laundromats were not considered state-of-the-art facilities, however, that has drastically changed over the last several years. Customers enjoy the added amenities afforded by the 21st century, and owners enjoy the boost to their bottom line and ease of operation. Whether you’re looking to revitalize an older facility or open…
  • How to Choose a Laundry Payment System

    How to Choose a Laundry Payment System

    Traditional coin-only laundromats have been around for decades. Today, consumers are looking for more convenient payment options. Newer laundry payment methods allow for faster payments, more options, safety benefits and much more. For the owner, the right laundry system can also streamline operations, increase profits and expand your customer base…
  • Coin vs. Card Laundromat: Which is Right for You?

    Coin vs. Card Laundromat: Which Is Right for You?

    As you contemplate your laundry payment system, two options stand out — coins and cards. These two methods have been around for a while and are well-liked by many customers. Each one has its pros and cons, and choosing the best payment solution for your laundromat can set you up…