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Historically, laundromats utilized coin-operated washers and dryers as the only form of payment. However, today, modern laundromats offer numerous payment options depending on your preferences and current market trends. As technology evolves, consumers are starting to trend toward adding more convenient and secure electronic payment methods.

SpyderWash provides laundromats with a comprehensive laundry payment system that accepts all primary payment methods, offering a simple, easy-to-use solution for you and your customers.

What Is SpyderWash, & What Payment Options Does It Accept?

SpyderWash can be utilized as a credit card-only laundry payment system or a hybrid laundry payment system that allows you to offer customers their chosen payment method and incentivize them with loyalty rewards. SpyderWash has the ability to automatically recognize repeat debit or credit card payments and can distribute loyalty rewards according to your guidelines.

SpyderWash accepts the following payment methods:

SpyderWash also lets you view reports and all transactions in real-time from any internet-enabled device.

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Benefits of Alternative Payment Options for Laundromats

Traditionally, coins have always been the go-to option for laundromat payments. The benefits of offering more modern, flexible payment methods include:

  • Security: Protecting coin boxes from theft has always been a challenge, so debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments offer a higher level of security.
  • Low maintenance requirements: The owner of a laundromat can check on the business in real-time from anywhere with SpyderWash’s online portal.
  • ROI: Increase your customer base by offering all payment options.

Benefits of SpyderWash

With SpyderWash, customers can pay for their laundry the same way they pay for everything else they buy, no matter their payment preference. Customers can also be automatically enrolled in your loyalty programs and earn a free wash or dry without downloading an app, buying a separate laundry card, or going through a registration process.

SpyderWash is one of the only laundry payment solutions that accepts contactless payment directly at the washer/dryer. Contactless payments are quickly becoming the most preferred way to pay. SpyderWash has seen over a 200% increase in contactless transactions over the past year, and accepting this form of payment ensures your system will not become obsolete.

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Using SpyderWash offers numerous benefits to both you and your customers:

  • Full accountability and management system: This system allows SpyderWash operators to track all transactions in real-time from any internet-enabled device, giving you better business and customer insights.
  • Robust design: SpyderWash is built to last years and consists of top-quality materials that can withstand soap spills, consistent use, and water sprays.
  • Integrated loyalty system: You can instantly assign a loyalty code to repeat debit or credit cards so your customers can easily earn rewards.
  • Convenient payment options: SpyderWash gives your customers multiple payment choices so they can pick whichever is easiest for them, enhancing their laundromat experience and increasing the likelihood of returning consumers, therefore, increasing revenue.
  • App compatibility: SpyderWash is compatible with all NFC-enabled mobile payment apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. SpyderWash also includes a laundry app that allows users to view loyalty program details, load their cards with money, and monitor available washers and dryers.
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Learn More about SpyderWash from Setomatic Systems

SpyderWash from Setomatic Systems is a complete, all-in-one laundry payment system solution. It is compatible with all primary payment methods, so you can stay current as your customers’ payment trends shift.

Contact us online to learn more about how SpyderWash can transform your laundry payment system.

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SpyderWash FAQs

How Do Customers Pay With the SpyderWash System?

SpyderWash attaches directly to washers and dryers, allowing for a streamlined and efficient payment process using several available payment methods. Some of the ways customers can pay with the SpyderWash system include:

  • Credit/debit cards via EMV contact and contactless payments (Tap-and-go payment)
  • Loyalty cards via mag stripe or contactless (Tap-and-go payment)
  • Near-field communication (NFC) mobile payments Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung
  • Pay
  • Coin Acceptance (optional)

Along with all these different forms of payment, SpyderWash still allows you to have the option to maintain coin acceptance for customers who prefer the traditional laundromat payment method.   

How Can You Become a SpyderWash Distributor?

To become a SpyderWash distributor, you can connect with us through email at sales@setomaticsystems.com. Then, our sales team will send you a distributor application for you to apply with. As an authorized SpyderWash distributor, you will have access to our comprehensive laundry payment systems and the necessary support to become a trusted local dealer to businesses in your area.  

How Can You Find a Distributor Near You?

Setomatic Systems works with distributors across the United States and beyond. If you want to find a dealer in your area, contact sales@setomaticsystems.com and let us know which city or state your laundromat is located in. Our knowledgeable team will get back to you with a list of the authorized SpyderWash distributors near you.  

How Should You Prepare Your Laundromat for the SpyderWash System?

The SpyderWash payment system is a small, easy-to-install device that attaches directly to your equipment. It is compatible with virtually any washer or dryer model regardless of the equipment’s age, making the installation seamless and requiring minimal preparation. The only requirement for setting up a SpyderWash system is high-speed internet with a dynamic IP address for plugging into our access point. 

How Much Does SpyderWash Cost?

The cost of the SpyderWash system can vary depending on several factors, including the size of your laundromat. With a sizable laundromat, you’ll need a larger quantity of the devices, which translates to higher costs. You may also want to add accessories, like our loyalty kiosks, which will contribute to the overall cost. Please reach out to our sales department at sales@setomaticsystems.com and we can help get you pricing.


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