7 Tips for Modernizing Your Laundromat

November 14, 2023

Traditionally, Laundromats were not considered state-of-the-art facilities, however, that has drastically changed over the last several years. Customers enjoy the added amenities afforded by the 21st century, and owners enjoy the boost to their bottom line and ease of operation. Whether you’re looking to revitalize an older facility or open a new, state-of-the-art laundry facility, making sure it’s up to date is an excellent way to attract new customers to your laundromat.

So, how do you make your laundromat more modern? From the ambiance to the way you manage the facility, we’ve put together a list of things you can implement.

When it comes to modernizing a laundromat, you’ll need to focus on a few different factors, such as the customer experience and the visual appearance of the inside and outside of the laundry. Here are some tips on how you can improve your laundry business.

How to Upgrade Your Laundromat

1. Make Exterior Upgrades

First impression is everything. The outside of your building is just as important as the inside. It doesn’t need to look like something out of a home improvement magazine, but if your parking lot is cracking, your bricks are crumbling or your windows look dingy, a few upgrades can go a long way. See if renovations like painting your siding or repaving are within your budget. Other small changes you can make include planting some greenery, making sure the area is swept up, adding a pop of color to the building’s trim or installing new lighting.

Lighting is especially important if your laundromat is open 24 hours. You want it to be safe and well-lit for the people doing their laundry at night. Make sure the path to the building is smooth, free of potholes or uneven sidewalk slabs. People often carry awkward baskets or roll them over the ground, and these issues can cause tripping hazards or make the trip frustrating. Customers being able to see the inside of your Laundromat when walking or driving by is also very important. Make sure that windows are not totally covered with posters or obstructions that tend to fade over time, and that block a potential customer from being able to see inside.

2. Make Interior Upgrades

Since people spend a lot of time in laundromats, making it a comfortable, positive space is key to helping customers enjoy their time there. Run through the facility and take note of anything that looks outdated. From a simple coat of paint to new flooring or bathroom fixtures, there are many laundromat remodeling ideas you can use to make it feel more modern.

When making these changes, you’ll want to create an environment that feels safe and clean. Make sure it’s well-lit with a tone that isn’t too harsh. Lights that are too cold will look harsh but more “clinical” and clean, while lights that are too warm feel cozy but may look dingy. You can make the place look more inviting with plenty of comfortable seating options, nice decor and perhaps some natural light.

Consider your audience and clientele and do some research if necessary. A younger crowd might prefer bold and vibrant tones, while others could prefer something more subdued. It may even be worth hiring someone to help you decide how to decorate your laundromat.

3. Add Customer Amenities

Since customers can be spending several hours at your laundry, having items to stay busy and comfortable can make a world of difference for the customer experience. Some things you can add include:


 Air conditioning


 Toys for children

 Books and magazines (Contact LaundryCares to learn about their literacy stations. https://laundrycares.org/family-read-play-learn-space-kits/)

 Coloring books

 Vending/arcade machines

 Wall outlets or charging stations

Again, knowing your clientele will be helpful. Kids’ toys will appeal to many families, while accessible outlets and Wi-Fi are good for busy workers and students.

4. Update Your Signage

If your signage is looking worse from wear, consider upgrading the physical signs and the graphics themselves. An old-looking logo can make your business seem antiquated. See if it’s time for a refresh. You might be surprised to learn that signage can play a big part in profits — 60% of businesses have reported an average sales increase of 10% or more after adding to or updating their signage.

Your logo should be easy to read, use contrasting colors and follow other basic design principles. A professional graphic designer should know what to do. The signage must match throughout the laundromat. Try to use positive language, as well. Instead of, “Don’t leave your laundry unattended,” say, “Watch your laundry at all times.”

5. Upgrade Your Equipment

Although new washers and dryers might be considered a costly upgrade, they’re a particularly good method for modernization and increased profitability. Plus, some of the costs will be mitigated by the benefits they offer, such as reduced utility costs and greater customer satisfaction.

6. Improve Customer Service

Customer service can be beneficial regardless of if your laundry is attended or unattended. In unattended laundries, customers still need a means of contacting you if problems arise. Proper signage in an unattended store is vital if customers need to speak with you. If the customer needs a refund for any reason but has no means of contacting anyone, you have most likely lost that customer for good. 

In attended laundries, the training of your staff is crucial to the customer experience. Aside from taking care of the everyday duties of the laundromat, these employees also add a friendly face to greet your customers, answer any questions that arise and give customers a feeling of added security. In both cases, it is important that your laundry is always kept clean, and all machines are kept operational.

7. Invest in New Technology

Modern-day facilities call for modern-day technology. As payment options have expanded to include mobile wallets and contactless cards, laundromats need to keep pace to stay competitive. These payments aren’t going away any time soon — they’re expected to grow over 300% by 2026. Contactless payments got a big boost in 2020, with almost eight in ten people using them and 74% of people saying they’ll keep using them.

By offering flexible payment options, you can meet your customers’ desire for convenience while making management easier at the same time. Customers can pay in whatever way they prefer, including contactless methods, right at the machine, so there’s no need to wait in line at a kiosk to purchase a laundry card, download a proprietary payment app or search for quarters. Owners get to do away with collecting coins — mostly — and start managing payments digitally. They can appeal to more customers, future-proof their payment system and add or increase participation in loyalty programs.

Contact Setomatic Systems to Learn More About SpyderWash

Technology investments are a great way to modernize a laundromat, but they’re also an essential part of keeping up with industry trends and staying competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. SpyderWash is a comprehensive payment platform that can take every major payment method right at the washer or dryer, including:

 Loyalty and laundry cards.

 Contactless credit and debit cards.

 Magstripe and chip-insert credit and debit cards.

 Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

 The SpyderWash app.

 Coin payments.

SpyderWash was built for laundromats, with a durable design to withstand soap, splashes and heavy use. In addition to payments, SpyderWash features a real-time management portal and an integrated loyalty system that can pick up a customer’s loyalty ID straight from their credit or debit card. If you’re looking to prepare your laundromat for the future and give your customers a modern experience, we can help. Learn more about SpyderWash by reaching out to us online!

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