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Truck drivers spend hours upon hours on the road each day—many truckers drive for 14 consecutive hours per shift. With so much time spent on the highway, occasional rest stops are necessary. During these breaks, many truck drivers prefer to wash their clothes so they feel clean, fresh, and comfortable when they return to the road. You can make their laundry experience as efficient and convenient as possible with commercial laundromat equipment for truck stops.

At Setomatic Systems, we created a laundry payment system for truck stops optimized for convenient, reliable, and excellent performance. With over 50 years of industry experience, we’re the experts you can rely on for top-quality products.

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How to Choose a Laundromat Payment System for Truck Stops

Every trucker taking a much-needed break at your truck stop deserves an easy and stress-free experience washing their clothes. With a carefully chosen truck stop laundry facility, you can ensure the laundry payment process is equally seamless.

Consider the following factors when selecting a payment system for your truck stop laundromat:

  • Machine compatibility: The laundry solution you choose must be compatible with your washers and dryers to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Payment method: Think about how your customers would want to pay for your laundry services. Do they prefer coins, cashless payments, or both? Choose a payment system that reflects these preferences.
  • Bonus features: If you’re looking to set your truck stop apart from other establishments, consider a laundry system with exclusive perks like mobile capabilities and loyalty programs.

Benefits of Our Truck Stop Laundry Facilities

Investing in SpyderWash payment solutions from Setomatic Systems means securing all the following advantages for your truck stop:

  • Payment versatility: Our laundry equipment for truck stops accepts all forms of payment, including credit and debit cards, mobile payments, loyalty cards, and coins.
  • Contactless capabilities: No quarters are necessary; they can simply tap their card and go.
  • Loyalty program: The SpyderWash loyalty card system allows customers to earn points toward a free wash or dry with every cashless payment transaction. This helps build brand loyalty.
  • Washer and dryer compatibility: Our payment solutions will function with all washer and dryer makes and models, regardless of age.

Invest in Commercial Laundromat Equipment for Your Truck Stop Today

You can optimize your truck stop’s laundromat payment systems with products from Setomatic Systems. We designed our innovative solutions to help laundry owners attract new customers, retain current ones, and ultimately boost revenue for their business.

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