Ways to Encourage Customer Loyalty at Your Laundromat

November 14, 2023

Encouraging customer loyalty is crucial for your company in order to maximize profits and build your brand’s reputation. Customer retention saves your company time and money, as it costs five times more to onboard a new customer than to retain repeat customers. An impactful customer loyalty program will keep customers engaged by improving their experience using your service. 

Evaluate your current customer base and consider how you could improve their experience. You can offer enhanced services like providing loyalty incentives, establishing strong marketing and rewards strategies and providing multiple ways for customers to pay. First, let’s discuss the benefits of loyalty programs. 

How Do Loyalty Programs Attract Customers? 

Loyalty programs help you retain repeat customers and attract new customers by giving them an incentive to keep coming to your laundromat. They ultimately increase sales, while also enhancing customer satisfaction. When customers are happy, they not only come back to your laundry, but they also refer your Laundromat to friends and family, in turn expanding your customer base. 

Customer loyalty programs come with a variety of benefits, including: 

– Boosted reputation: When you strengthen your company’s reputation, you acquire more customers and gain valuable brand advocates who will recommend your store to others. Consistently engaging with your brand through loyalty programs increases recognition and strengthens the customer’s bond with your store. Plus, customers who are part of laundry loyalty programs are more open to receiving marketing materials like emails. 

– Increased customer engagement: Loyalty programs improve the customer experience by making payments and rewards convenient to access. Further, customers will feel satisfied after receiving their reward (such as a free wash) and want to continue using your services, increasing customer retention.

Programs also allow you to gather customer data to better understand how they use your services and provide them with personalized marketing and deals. Nearly 9 out of ten loyalty program members are okay with your company tracking their information for individualized rewards. 

– Increase in sales and revenue: An increase in customer acquisition and retention rates will ultimately increase your company’s revenue. Customers who are part of a loyalty program spend 37% more with brands. 

An impactful customer loyalty program builds relationships with customers, which ultimately increases trust and retention rates. You’ll maximize profits by retaining customers while also acquiring new ones. 

How Do You Create a Brand Loyalty Program at Your Laundromat? 

Because loyalty programs help attract and retain customers, you’ll want to craft a strong customer loyalty strategy. An impactful customer loyalty program benefits customers and gives them the perception that they’re saving money through discounts and incentives. By implementing strong marketing and reward structure strategies and by offering multiple payment methods, you’re giving your laundromat the best chance for success. Customer loyalty techniques help you build trust with repeat customers to maximize customer satisfaction. 

Offer Loyalty Incentives 

Offering loyalty incentives and discounts will keep customers coming back. Establishing a free wash program where customers get a free wash or dry cycle after a certain number of uses will insure they don’t go to the Laundromat down the block. Or, you can implement a point-based goal program where customers get points added to their card every time they wash or dry. Once they reach a certain number of points, you can reward customers with bonus discounts. 

You can also provide special bonuses and discounts on or near repeat customers’ birthdays. Providing birthday rewards will build relationships with clients by making them feel valued by your business. 

Using a payment app can help implement laundry loyalty programs. Apps can make laundry day more manageable by helping customers plan their trips to your laundromat. They provide convenient access to all laundry data in one location, including which washers and dryers are available, their current balance and updates about rewards programs. 

Establish Strong Strategies 

Brand loyalty programs encourage repeat customers by making people feel like they’re part of a community. You can make customers feel like they belong by providing personalized marketing campaigns. For example, you can offer your client base exclusive discount offers or free gifts. (for military groups, etc)

You can also leverage gamification, a method that uses game-style tactics to keep customers engaged. For example, you can provide a tiered rewards program, encouraging customers to stay loyal to unlock more rewards. With every reload, customers can earn points. After reaching a certain number of points, customers can unlock increased rewards and levels. By clearly highlighting the benefits of each tier you can keep your customers coming back for more. 

Provide Multiple Ways to Pay 

Giving customers multiple payment options decreases the chance of disappointment by ensuring they’ll be able to pay the way they want. By letting customers choose how they would like to pay, you’re demonstrating you care about their desires and want to provide the best experience possible.

Ideally, you should support payments with: 

– Credit and debit cards: Using credit and debit cards to make payments is more convenient for customers, as they won’t have to spend time searching for quarters. Card payments allow for more prompt services and are more secure, letting you keep less cash on-site. You’ll also have clear payment records. Customers also enjoy using RFID contactless payments, which allow them to pay quickly and without hassle. 

– Laundry cards: Reloadable laundry cards are a great alternative for typical cash customers, as you can implement them with your loyalty program. Reloadable cards allow you to track how much each customer is spending at your laundromat and keep customers loyal, as once they add money to their card they have to keep using your services. By combining reloadable laundry cards with a loyalty program, you’ll be able to give customers benefits when they add more money to their cards. 

– NFC mobile wallets: Mobile wallet payments offer another solution for customers who may have forgotten their wallets or laundry cards. These contactless payments allow people to quickly pay with their smartphones, boosting security and improving the customer experience. 

– Coin payments: While multiple laundry payment options exist, some people still prefer to pay with coins. Coins are a straightforward way to pay for laundry and are often the only option for customers who may have forgotten their wallets or phones. This payment method is one of the simplest to implement. 

Attract and Retain Customers With the SpyderWash Loyalty Program 

If you’re looking for ways to encourage customer loyalty at your laundromat, Setomatic Systems’ SpyderWash payment system allows your customers to pay either with card-only or with a card and coin hybrid system. SpyderWash helps maintain customer loyalty by automatically enrolling customers in your loyalty program without the need to download an app, purchase a laundry card or go through the registration process. SpyderWash will also let you track transactions and manage your attendants to have better control over your business. 

Contact Setomatic Systems today to learn how SpyderWash can build and sustain your laundromat customer base! 

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