Tips for a Great Guest Laundry Experience

November 14, 2023
Tips for a great guest laundry experience

Offering your guests, the option of doing their own laundry during their stay at your hotel comes with many great benefits. Thirty percent of hotel guests stay more than three nights, and these guests will likely depend on access to washing machines and dryers during their trip.

Offering guest laundry services is becoming more common in the hotel industry but giving guests the option to do their laundry in a dedicated hotel laundry room has its own unique set of advantages. Learn why laundry rooms for extended stay hotels and short-term hotels are important and tips for giving your guests the best experience in your guest laundry room.

Why Is Laundry Service Important in Hotels?

Laundry service is important in the hotel industry because some guests might have an extended stay at your hotel and will need access to a washer and dryer to keep their packing light. Other guests may simply have not packed enough clothes for their vacation or business trip. Offering guest laundry facilities has several benefits for your business:

1) It gives guests flexibility: With the ability to do their own laundry, guests can plan to clean their clothes around their schedule instead of the other way around. Whether they are extended-stay guests or they just spilled something on a clothing item, they’ll be grateful they can clean their clothes on your premises when they desire to do so.

2) It sets you apart: Though many hotels offer guests the option of having their clothes washed, providing on-site hotel guest laundry that allows them to wash their own clothes is often more convenient. The traditional guest laundry service works for small batches of clothing, and only on a certain day/time, but having a dedicated room where guests can wash their clothes gives them more flexibility during their busy stay.

3) It brings in revenue: Many guests will visit your hotel and rely on laundry services. There are more than 52,000 hotels across the U.S. Hotels and motels generate $194 billion per year, making hotel laundry rooms for guests potentially very profitable.

Providing the Best Guest Laundry Experience

Several considerations go into creating a satisfying laundry experience for guests. Some things you’ll want to think about are:

– Having enough machines: Guests might get annoyed if they go to do their laundry and all the machines are in use. Consider how many machines would be appropriate for the number of guests. 

– Giving guests multiple ways to pay along with machine availability: If your laundry facilities only accept quarters and guests don’t have any, they might venture to the nearest laundromat instead of utilizing your services. Be sure you accept credit and debit cards and contactless digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay in addition to cash. You might consider using a payment system that lets guests know which washers and dryers are being used and which are available.

– Using efficient and reliable equipment: Good quality equipment stays running and cleans well. If the washer is very old and does not work properly, if the dryer does not dry clothes effectively or guests face some other hindrance, they’re less likely to use the equipment again and might even avoid your hotel on their next trip.

– Having detergent available: If guests use your laundry room because they forgot to pack enough clothes for their stay, they won’t have come prepared with detergent either. Equipping your laundry room with detergent means guests have everything they need and makes for a better laundry experience.

Laundry Equipment to Use

To keep your guests satisfied, your washers and dryers have to work, and they have to work well. And in addition to keeping your guests happy, using reliable equipment can help keep maintenance and repair costs down for you in the long run. Keep the following factors in mind when picking machines for your laundry room:

Size: You’ll want to make sure guests have enough space to wash their load of laundry without overloading the washer or dryer.

Eco-friendly options: Saving water is never a bad thing, so check out energy-efficient equipment.

Payment method: Giving guests more flexible payment options makes for the smoothest transaction and lessens the chances they’ll come to the front desk asking for quarters. Offering multiple payment options also makes management easier and more effective because you won’t need to count as many coins.

Ease of use: Making sure your chosen equipment is intuitive to use or includes instructions increases the likelihood your guests’ will take advantage of the service.

Keep It Clean and Keep It Convenient

A clean place to take care of their laundry can encourage guests to make use of your laundry room. Even if the machines are top-notch, a dirty or unorganized space might dissuade guests from doing their laundry. Ensure the room is well-lit, organized, and tidy, especially if it remains open around the clock.

To give guests an extra convenient experience, consider making your laundry room look pleasant and comfortable and outfit it with cozy chairs or couches so guests can wait in the room while their clothes get cleaned. Other amenities that could spruce up your laundry room include:

– Wi-Fi

– Books and magazines

– Vending machines

– A television

– Ample wall outlets

– Air conditioning

Also, try to put your laundry room in a central location in your hotel so it is easily accessible by all guests regardless of where their room is. A clean and convenient place to do their laundry will make guests feel safe too, which is extremely important for your business.

Flexible payment options also help your guests have the smoothest experience. Additionally, smartphone mobile apps that let guests see available washers and dryers and pay using their phones have multiple benefits, including increased security and excellent efficiency.

A hotel’s top priority is making a guest’s stay enjoyable. Their experience should be topnotch from check-in to check-out, including their laundry room use.

Setomatic Systems Can Help You Make the Most of Your Guest Laundry Room

At Setomatic Systems, our SpyderWash system offers hotel guests a convenient way to pay for their laundry. Our system lets you easily monitor your revenue and gives guests the option to pay with coins, contactless credit or debit cards and NFC mobile wallets. SpyderWash attaches directly to washers and dryers and can withstand soap spills, water sprays and consistent usage.

SpyderWash is the perfect choice to maximize your hotel’s guest laundry room efficiency. Stay ahead of the digital trend and give your guests a secure and easy way to pay for your laundry services. Small details like this help keep guests happy during their entire stay at your hotel. Please fill out our form to contact us and take your guest laundry services to the next level. Or, speak with a representative at (516) 752-8008.

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