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Military members have many important duties. With so many vital tasks to handle in their everyday lives, worrying about how to pay for their laundry shouldn’t be one of them. With dependable military base laundry facilities, your troops can enjoy the seamless and convenient laundry experience they deserve, leaving them more time to focus on what matters.

At Setomatic Systems, our laundromat payment systems for military bases are designed with innovation and quality at the forefront. We’ve spent over 50 years developing our state-of-the-art laundry payment systems, creating a solution that’s unmatched in the industry.

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How to Choose a Laundry Payment System for Military Bases

When you implement washers and dryers into your military base, you’ll need a high-quality payment system to facilitate straightforward and efficient customer payments for military members. You can make the best investment decision for your laundry equipment by keeping the following considerations in mind:

  • Machine compatibility: First and foremost, your payment system should be compatible with your facility’s washers and dryers to ensure efficient operation.
  • Payment options: Some laundromat payment systems are coin-only, some take cashless payments, and others accept both. Think about what payment method you prefer before investing in a solution.
  • Added perks: You can get the most for your money from military base laundry facilities with special features like loyalty programs and mobile payment capabilities.

Benefits of Our Laundromat Payment Systems for the Military

Investing in military base laundry equipment from Setomatic Systems means experiencing all the advantages of our cutting-edge SpyderWash System, including:

  • Comprehensive payment capabilities: Our solution can accept all forms of payment, including coins, mobile payments, credit and debit cards, and loyalty cards.
  • Washer and dryer compatibility: SpyderWash payment systems work with any washer or dryer regardless of age, make, or model.
  • Contactless payment: We invented laundry payment systems with contactless credit and debit card payment options for optimal convenience.
  • Loyalty program: The SpyderWash loyalty card program enables customers to earn points with every cashless transaction, which they can use toward a free wash or dry.

Invest in Laundry Equipment for Military Bases Today

Your troops will enjoy simple and stress-free laundry payment options with solutions from Setomatic Systems. After purchasing our SpyderWash System, you will experience the advantages of our cutting-edge technologies for many years. With remote store management, direct washer and dryer attachment, and versatile payment options, our machines stand out. Fill out a form to get in touch with a representative and learn more about our systems today!

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