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University Laundry Payment Systems

College students want convenience and fun in their off-hours from studying. You can bring them an all-in-one solution with SpyderWash from Setomatic Systems.

This technology provides convenient and easy laundry payments for students. SpyderWash accepts all trending payment methods, including contactless credit/debit cards and NFC mobile wallets.

When it comes to commercial laundry equipment for university housing, Setomatic Systems’ SpyderWash is your perfect laundry partner. With a staff comprised of many recent graduates, we are fully aware of the priorities of students and understand that laundry is very low on their list. With college students’ focus being on academic work, sports, and friends, it is important to make the laundry experience for them as convenient and seamless as possible. This is why the SpyderWash Payment System is the perfect fit for both students and operators of laundry facilities.

From a student’s perspective, they want to be able to go to a washer or dryer and start the machine immediately using their credit/debit card, smartphone, or loyalty card. Although our system also accepts coins, students prefer to pay for their laundry the same way they pay for their food, schoolbooks, and every other purchase. In fact, after interviewing many different students from colleges/universities across the nation, we found that the number one reason students do not do their laundry is because they do not have any or enough quarters. By only accepting quarters, you are taking the low-priority task of doing laundry and making it an inconvenient one as well.

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Student Loyalty

SpyderWash also incorporates a loyalty card application which can be beneficial for both students and operators. Our system allows you to create custom loyalty cards, which enables you to offer discounts to students when they revalue these cards. Our loyalty card application also allows you to track each student card by logging onto your SpyderWash account. Once on your account, you can track the amount used on each card and the amount remaining on that card and send the students an email directly from your website.

Changing Times

One key fact that we also know about students is they like to keep up with the current technological trends. With almost every student carrying a smartphone, we knew it was important to create a system that accepted current and emerging payment technologies. This is why we created our system with the capabilities of accepting contactless credit/debit cards and NFC mobile wallet payments. Students can now take out their smartphone or contactless card, tap it to our reader, and pay for their laundry.

How to Choose a Laundromat Payment System Targeting College Students

You have many important choices to make when upgrading your laundromat with new technology. Setomatic Systems offers an option for an all-in-one high-tech solution with SpyderWash.

SpyderWash accepts traditional payment options like coins and cutting-edge methods like NFC mobile wallets and contactless debit and credit cards. This payment and management system eases a barrier that would stop students from bothering to do their laundry regularly. It is easy and quick to upgrade current machines of any make or model with SpyderWash.

Benefits of Electronic Payment Systems

There are several benefits to adding an electronic payment system like SpyderWash:

  • Easy pay options: College students want the payment experience to be easy and quick. SpyderWash takes the latest payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, and contactless debit and credit cards—plus traditional coins.
  • Mobile app: Students utilize mobile technology for everyday convenience, and SpyderWash meets that need. The SpyderWash app enables them to load a loyalty card, recharge it, check their transaction history, and balance and see if washers and dryers are available.
  • SpyderWash Portal: Managers and owners also get convenience with the SpyderWash Portal by tracking digital and coin-based transactions.

Explore SpyderWash for Your Business

SpyderWash electronic payment systems can reshape how local college students interact with your laundry room.

Want to speak with an expert about your business? Call us at (516) 752-8008 or fill out a form online. You can also learn more about SpyderWash electronic payment systems or electronic drop coin options for your laundry room by exploring our site.