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Resort Laundry Services

As a resort owner, your primary focus should be to make your establishment as relaxing, accommodating, and convenient as possible to gain and retain customers. Part of ensuring your resort meets customer expectations is verifying you have the necessary amenities and resources available for your guests.

For starters, customers should have access to washers and dryers in case they need to clean their clothes during their stay. When you secure this equipment, it’s essential to invest in a reliable laundromat payment system that’s user-friendly and convenient.

At Setomatic Systems, we created commercial laundromat equipment for resorts that stands out from the competition. These high-tech payment systems provide seamless use and versatility that will keep customers coming back.

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How to Choose Laundromat Payment Systems for Resorts

When guests stay at a resort, they expect their experience to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That’s why your resort laundry services should be designed for easy and straightforward use. When choosing a payment system for your washers and dryers, consider the following:

  • Payment options: Not all payment systems are created equal—some only take coin payments, some have cashless capabilities, and others can do both. Consider which method will appeal most to your guests.
  • Washer and dryer compatibility: It’s crucial to secure a system that’s suitable for your machine models to ensure optimal performance.
  • Additional features: Some commercial laundromat equipment for resorts stands out with exclusive perks like loyalty programs and mobile apps.

Benefits of Our Electronic Resort Laundry Service

Laundromat payment solutions from Setomatic Systems come with numerous unbeatable benefits for your resort, including:

  • Contactless payment: Our SpyderWash payment system is one of the only products on the market with contactless payment capabilities directly at the washers/dryers, putting it a step above the competition.
  • Loyalty program: With our loyalty program, individuals can earn points every time they use a cashless payment method and use them toward rewards.
  • Machine compatibility: SpyderWash solutions are compatible with all washers and dryers, no matter the make, model, or age.
  • Versatile payment methods: Your customers can pay for their wash with coins, credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, or loyalty cards.

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You can treat your guests to high-quality laundromat payment systems for resorts with Setomatic Systems. With our streamlined solutions, you can expand your customer base, retain visitors, and ultimately boost revenue. Our innovative products allow owners to manage their laundry rooms remotely while maintaining an edge against competitors.

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