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No camper is exempt from the dust and dirt of the great outdoors—even from the comfort of an RV. Camp activities can dirty a person’s clothes with everything, from mud to smoke odors to bug spray. While these elements are to be expected, they can leave individuals limited in their clothing options as the week progresses. That’s why it’s essential to provide your guests with laundry equipment for campgrounds so they can tackle their toughest stains at the campsite.

At Setomatic Systems, we carry commercial laundry solutions for RV parks that’ll give your campers versatile payment systems for your washers and dryers. We’ve been developing innovations for our laundry solutions for over 50 years, making us a company you can trust.

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How to Choose a Laundromat Payment System for RV Parks & Campgrounds

If you’re thinking about investing in washers and dryers for your campsite, you’ll need a reliable payment system to make it easy for visitors to pay for their laundry. When choosing a campground laundromat payment system, consider the following factors:

  • Payment method: Do you want your laundry equipment to accept coins, cashless payments, or both? Every system is different, which is why it’s important to decide how you want your customers to pay.
  • Machine compatibility: It’s crucial to verify that your laundromat payment system is compatible with your washers and dryers.
  • Additional perks: System bonuses like NFC app-based payment options and loyalty programs have risen in popularity in recent years, making them significant considerations for your campground

Benefits of Our Electronic Payment Systems for Campgrounds

When you purchase campground laundromat payment systems from Setomatic Systems, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of our SpyderWash solutions:

  • Contactless payment: We are the first company to develop contactless credit and debit card payment systems for laundromats, making payments more seamless than ever.
  • Washer and dryer compatibility: Our laundry equipment for campgrounds is suitable for washers and dryers of all makes, models, and ages.
  • Payment versatility: SpyderWash payment systems accept all forms of customer payment, including credit and debit cards, coins, mobile payments, and loyalty cards.
  • Loyalty program: Our loyalty program allows members to earn points toward rewards with every repeat credit, debit, or loyalty card usage.

Invest in Commercial Laundry Solutions for RV Parks with Setomatic Systems Today

You can equip your RV park and campground laundry machines with high-quality payment systems from Setomatic Systems. Our top-of-the-line solutions make it easier and more convenient for customers to pay for their laundry, bringing more business and revenue to your establishment.

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