Mission Statement

Man Climbing Towards the Goal

“We are immersed in the industries we serve and work from an inside perspective as opposed to an outside objective. Our close interaction with our customers has given us the reputation of a company who truly cares about it’s customers”.

– Michael Schantz

President, Setomatic Systems

Our Commitment to Our Customers

As developers of both open and closed-loop card systems, we can deliver systems off the shelf or create a system for your specific needs. Setomatic Systems has manufacturing and development facilities in New York, Israel, Florida, California, and New Hampshire. From these locations, we supply all of our electronics, fabrication, and software, including PC- and web-based applications. We maintain a toll-free, no-charge help center for hardware and basic software assistance. It is our ongoing commitment to quality products, as well as total product support, that makes Setomatic Systems the obvious choice.

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