Increase Your Bottom Line

Offering your customers multiple payment options will help with both customer retention and driving new customers to your laundry. Let your customers pay for their wash the same way they do for all their other daily purchases. SpyderWash helps you manage your laundry and gives you the competitive advantage you require to be successful. With billions of credit/debit cards in circulation in the United States, isn’t it time your laundry offered this convenient and time-saving option?

Manage Your Attendants

SpyderWash offers several cards to help you manage your attendants and keep better track of your wash/dry/fold business. No more counting quarters and trying to reconcile the coins used for drop-off laundry. With SpyderWash, you can assign each attendant their unique card to start the machines while having full accountability for every transaction along with time and date stamps. You can even set these cards to “auto refill” when they get below a certain dollar amount. We also have employee cards, which can be issued as a perk so your employees can do their laundry. Technician cards are also available for your service people.

Customer Loyalty

In any industry, customer loyalty is a large part of an owner’s success. When we created the SpyderWash payment system, we wanted to create a payment device that was more than your typical credit/debit card system. We give owners the ability to implement a range of different loyalty card programs for their customers. These programs include free washes and dries based on machine usage or point milestones. Several of these programs do not require a separate loyalty card to get loyalty points. However, we also allow the owner to offer bonus dollars when their customers add a certain dollar value to a loyalty card if they do have one.

Owner Convenience

SpyderWash is more than just a credit card system. It is a complete management tool that allows you to track all transactions, including coin, in real-time. The number of coins that need to be collected will be reduced, resulting in less frequent emptying of the money boxes. SpyderWash even monitors the coin count in your money boxes and can alert you with an email when they are ready to overflow.

Current & Emerging Payment Technologies

SpyderWash is the only system in the laundry industry to accept not only coin and magnetic stripe credit/debit cards right at the machine but also RFID contactless credit/debit cards and NFC mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. See the NFC Mobile Wallet and Contactless Payment sections for more information.