Man Pouring Soap to Washing Machine

We Serve All Laundry Markets: Our products are not confined to any specific laundry segment. If there are washers and dryers, our innovative products can help. From our SpyderWash Payment System to our Drop Coin meters and many other laundry accessories, we tailor our products to our customers’ needs. We have successfully installed our products in segments such as laundromats, multi-housing units, trailer parks, hotels, resorts, state parks, campgrounds, and many other facilities.

People Want Options: One important aspect that is common throughout all laundry segments is that people want payment options. Consumers want the option of paying for their laundry the same way they do for other “everyday” purchases. That is why we created the SpyderWash Payment System, which accepts current payment methods and new emerging technologies, including RFID contactless credit/debit cards and NFC mobile wallet payments—all while keeping your coin. To find out if our products fit your needs, please click on the links below.

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