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Laundry Loyalty Programs without App Download or Customer Registration

Setomatic Systems is proud to have created a custom loyalty program for laundromats that allows customers to earn points toward a free wash and dry without needing a physical loyalty card, downloading an app, or customer registration.

Features of Our Custom Loyalty Program for Laundromats

Setomatic Systems’ SpyderWash laundry payment system has a loyalty program that provides many advantages to laundromat customers and owners alike with all the following features.

Allow Your Customers to Pay with a Laundry Loyalty Card

  • Give your customers a SpyderWash loyalty card that they can recharge from any internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • SpyderWash loyalty kiosk is available, allowing customers to purchase and recharge loyalty cards.
  • SpyderWash mobile smartphone app where customers can register their laundry card, track usage, and add funds.
  • Create your custom loyalty card with your laundromat’s name and logo.

Receive Full Accountability of Each Loyalty Card

  • Track each customer’s specific card once they register in your system.
  • Track how much money that customer used with their loyalty card.
  • Track the float (remaining balance) on each customer’s loyalty card.
  • See the last time each card was used.
  • Send an email to any customer with a loyalty card directly from your SpyderWash account.

Offer Your Customers Rewards for Their Loyalty

Our loyalty programs work with and without loyalty cards!

  • Offer bonuses when a customer adds value to their loyalty card. Set up multiple bonus levels.
  • Offer free washes based on usage or a points system. A loyalty card is not required for this promotion.
  • Offer free dries based on washer usage. A loyalty card is not required for this promotion.
  • Loyalty programs can work even without customer registration or signup if you so choose.
  • Log into your system, add value to any or all of your customer’s loyalty cards, and email them to let them know how much you appreciate their business.

Promote Your Laundry Facility

Create custom loyalty cards with a pre-loaded dollar amount on each card. Send these cards as a mailing gift or give them out at an event to entice customers to visit your laundromat. They will be able to add additional funds to your loyalty kiosk.

Implement a Laundry Loyalty Program Today

You can gain new and returning customers for your laundromat with free wash and dry loyalty systems/programs from Setomatic Systems. We’re proud to have created the first contactless credit and debit card payment system in the laundry industry that’s compatible with all payment methods and all makes and models of washers/dryers.

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