Cash Management

Money Growing Tree

Accountability in “Real Time”

The SpyderWash Payment System is a full-cash management system. It is web-based and offers credit/debit, loyalty card, and coin auditing with full reporting in “real-time.”

Whether you are at your location, home, or on the road, simply log onto your SpyderWash account on any internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and get full accountability for every laundry machine at your facility. This allows you to account for all your revenue (including coins) without you being at your laundry. This means no more worrying about missing quarters or having to collect your money boxes yourself. Now, you can go on vacation and know that exactly what is collected is what is being deposited into your account.

Create reports that can be filtered by time of day, by machine type, by day of the week, or by payment type. No more giving quarters to your attendants for wash/dry/fold—simply issue them a traceable, convenient attendant card. All of this helps you analyze your business and keep track of your bottom line.

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