Hotel Laundry Room Payment Systems

Setomatic Systems understands that the hotel customer experience is holistic and must include conveniences like seamless payment methods. That’s why we invented the SpyderWash payment and management system for commercial laundry machines for hotels.

Our system accepts the latest payment methods—from contactless debit and credit cards to NFC mobile wallets. SpyderWash can fit any laundry machine make or model. We also offer electronic drop coins to modernize outdated machines.

Hotel owners/operators might not consider their laundry rooms their number one revenue generator, but when it comes to customer convenience and increasing their bottom line, all enhancements can help. There are currently over 52,000 hotels in the United States, accounting for over $155 billion in annual sales. Between business and leisure travelers, over 30% of hotel guests stay more than three nights.

All these facts lead to one major point, which is that many of your guests will depend on hotel laundry equipment during their stay.

SpyderWash Has Helped Revolutionize the Hotel Industry

Hotel guests want to pay for their laundry the same way they paid for their hotel room, food purchases, and other hotel amenities.

This is why the SpyderWash electronic payment system by Setomatic Systems is the perfect fit for your hotel’s laundry room. SpyderWash laundry payment machines are featured in major hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Sheraton, and many more. Now, your hotel guests can also have the option of paying for their laundry using credit/debit cards, RFID contactless credit/debit cards, NFC mobile wallet payments, and coins (optional). Our system is completely wireless and offers full accountability and auditing of machine revenue.

SpyderWash Prevents Common Problems for Hotel Staff & Guests

Convenient payment systems are often the key to smoothing the customer experience from check-in to checkout.

Several common problems stem from limited payment options in guest laundry rooms:

  • Guests not having quarters to operate the laundry machines
  • Guests going to your front desk asking to break their bills for quarters
  • Constantly emptying out the money boxes
  • Manually checking the amount of revenue being generated by each laundry machine

How to Choose a Laundromat Payment System for Hotels

Setomatic Systems offers two key options for choosing a laundromat payment system:

  • Drop Coin: If you already have an efficient laundry room setup with outdated machines, you can try our electronic drop coin add-on to replace your old coin slides.
  • SpyderWash: The SpyderWash all-in-one system can help you manage your business remotely with the SpyderWash Portal and offers the option for guests to pay with traditional quarters or cutting-edge, contactless payment methods.

Benefits of Electronic Payment Systems

Several primary benefits demonstrate how SpyderWash can take your hotel laundry room to the next level:

  • All-in-one SpyderWash Portal: The SpyderWash Portal helps supervisors and owners track their revenue for easy remote management.
  • Contactless payment: Customers can pay for laundry with traditional coins, contactless debit or credit cards, and the latest NFC mobile wallets on their smartphones, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Mobile smartphone app: The mobile app lets your hotel guests see which washers or dryers are available in the laundry room, which is especially convenient for a busy hotel.

Learn More about SpyderWash Hotel Solutions Today

Redefine the way customers talk about the little details of their hotel experience with the SpyderWash payment system and electronic drop coin upgrade from Setomatic Systems.

Ready to partner with us or want to find out more? The SpyderWash payment system has a comprehensive overview of all the details you need, and our electronic drop coins have various options to consider. You can also contact us now by filling out our form or speaking with a representative on the phone at (516) 752-8008.