Wascomat Drop Coins

Drop Coin Timer System

Retrofit or replacement Drop Coins for any Wascomat washer. Simple upgrade from your current coin slide/mechanical starting mechs to eliminate multi-insertion of the coin slides and complaints from customers that the machine didn’t start because the door was open.

The Drop Coin digital display counts down as the customer insert coins. Also available for Emerald Series washers.

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Dual Drop Coin $1.00 & $0.25 now available.

  • Setomatic Drop Coin™ “RELIABILITY THAT COUNTS”. It’s what you can expect from a leader in electronic coin meter technology.
  • Electro Guard™ an exclusive design to filter “bugs”, the noise, and variations in your electric current, as well as air-born interference, before it reaches the microprocessor.
  • Posi-Start™ we monitor the door circuitry, and unless the door is latched, do not send a starting signal. Customers won’t lose coins, and the machine will display Od for open doors.
  • Posi-Display™ digital display is on as long as there is power to the machine, even if the door is open. Other meters have a blank display when the door is open, leading customers to believe the machine is “Out of Order”
  • Coin-Guard™ a unique software & hardware enhancement that virtually eliminates a customer cheating the optics. This security feature is built-in and can be turned on by a flip of a switch.