Vendsetter System


The ultimate in 100% solid-state electronic meters, the VENDSETTER™ system is a simple, easy to use, metering system for self-service use. “Reliability that counts” and that is what you get from a leader in electronic coin meter technology. If you need to vend time or make something coin-operated, the VENDSETTER™ is right for you. Our solid-state timer allows you to change price and/or vend time with the flip of a switch.

COIN ACCEPTOR w/ Magnet assembly-locks out steel slugs The Setomatic DROP COIN™ is made of aluminum and steel and was designed to be virtually jam-proof and maintenance-free. These units use photo-optic coin sensing to verify the count. It measures thickness, height, weight and drop speed for each inserted coin. Factory set for superior slug rejection, and can be field adjusted to lock out most slugs, foreign coins, tokens, etc. Drop coins are available for quarters or tokens.


  • LED Display with coin/time countdown
  • Many timing options are available to meet your needs
  • Simple wiring hook up to any device
  • Token operation available High Capacity Money Box


Specially designed for the DROP COIN meter/acceptor and fabricated of extra strong, high-security galvannealed steel. This, coupled with our baked gray hammer tone powder coat paint, assures you of the utmost in rust protection, short of stainless. This paint requires hundreds of degrees more in the baking process, but delivers the most durable finish that money can buy. HIGH SECURITY WITH DOUBLE RUST PROTECTION.

Ideal for: Air machines, Amusement devices, Campsite showers, Car Wash, Coin-op laundries, Computers, Copy machines, Ice machines, Pressing machines, Printers, Tanning machines, Tennis court lighting, Water dispensers & much more!

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Dual Drop Coin $1.00 & $0.25 now available.

  • Setomatic Drop Coin™ “RELIABILITY THAT COUNTS”. It’s what you can expect from a leader in electronic coin meter technology.
  • Electro Guard™ an exclusive design to filter “bugs”, the noise, and variations in your electric current, as well as air-born interference, before it reaches the microprocessor.
  • Posi-Start™ we monitor the door circuitry, and unless the door is latched, do not send a starting signal. Customers won’t lose coins, and the machine will display Od for open doors.
  • Posi-Display™ digital display is on as long as there is power to the machine, even if the door is open. Other meters have a blank display when the door is open, leading customers to believe the machine is “Out of Order”
  • Coin-Guard™ a unique software & hardware enhancement that virtually eliminates a customer cheating the optics. This security feature is built-in and can be turned on by a flip of a switch.